Cloud Pak for Integration: Gateway runtime

The deployment of a gateway runtime in IBM® Cloud Pak for Integration is the deployment of a DataPower® Docker image from IBM Entitled Registry.

The gateway runtime for Cloud Pak for Integration is provided through the deployment of a DataPowerService instance that is managed by the DataPower Operator. To deploy a DataPowerService instance, search the version 2020.1 or later IBM Cloud Pak for Integration documentation for gateway deployment.

The following restrictions apply to the DataPower runtime and are covered in the terms of the IBM license agreements.
  • You can deploy only the datapower-cp4i image, see Image selection.
    • The datapower-cp4i images include the Integration Module by default.
    • The datapower-cp4i images are for use with Cloud Pak for Integration version 2020.4 and later.
  • You cannot activate any add-on modules.

Functionality that uses SSH, which includes SFTP, is unsupported. SSH requires that DataPower run as root, which the DataPower Operator does not support in Cloud Pak for Integration.

For information about the DataPower Operator, see IBM DataPower Operator documentation.