Preparing invoice images for processing on Datacap Desktop

You run the APT FlexID task on Datacap Desktop to prepare the invoice images for the processing that takes place in the Batch Profiler task. You can change the image size, orientation, sequence in the batch, and page type settings.


Follow this procedure to prepare invoice images for processing on Datacap Desktop.

  1. On the developer workstation from the Start menu, select Datacap Clients > Datacap Desktop.
    The Datacap Desktop login window opens.
  2. Log in using the default User, Password, and Station (admin, admin, and 1).
  3. Select the APT application from the Applications menu.
  4. Select the FlexID task from the Task Shortcuts menu.
    The images are displayed in frames on the window.
  5. Click the drop-down menu for the image and designate the page type of the image.
  6. Click Next to move to the next image, if all of the images are not displayed on the window.
  7. Click Go to End to move to the last image in the batch.
  8. Change the sequence of images in the batch by clicking the thumbnail of the image and moving it to the wanted page.
  9. Click Add Before to add a separator page before the selected image.
  10. Click Add After to add a separator page after the selected image.
  11. Click Hold to put the processing of the batch on hold.
  12. Complete the settings for the images in the batch and click Save and Exit, the APT Demo FlexID window closes.
    A FlexID.xml file that contains the Page Types you assigned in the batch ID numbered folder in \APT\batches.
  13. When you complete all of your batches, close the APT Demo FlexID - Datacap Desktop window.