What's new in IBM Datacap Version 9.1.9

IBM Datacap Version 9.1.9 has the following new features, functions, and enhancements.

New features

Datacap health monitoring solution

Datacap health monitor is a solution to monitor various activities going on in a Datacap environment. The goal of this solution is to have a single place from where all the Datacap components can be monitored, and to generate alerts whenever any discrepancy is observed.

For more information see, Datacap Health Monitoring Solution

Figure 1. Datacap Health Monitor

New batch summary reports added to Report Viewer

Two new reports are added to the Report Viewer. Batches Summary report displays a list of all the batches including pending batches and its respective metadata. Batches Summary Today report displays a list of all the batches including pending batches that ran on today's date.

For more information, see Standard reports

Figure 2. Batches Summary Report

Figure 3. Batches Summary Today Report

Exchange Integration Graph API support

The Office 365 Exchange integration in Datacap now supports Graph API with Exchange Modern Authentication.

Microsoft will disable Basic Authentication in Exchange Online in the near future, therefore Datacap applications should change to use the new Modern Authentication ASAP.

For more information on setting up Modern Authentication with Graph API, see Setting up Microsoft Azure app for authentication

Maintenance Manager improvements

We have introduced a database cleanup action to cleanup orphan records in the taskstatstable. The cleanup should be scheduled to run periodically during off hours time.

For instructions on how to run database cleanup, see ProcessDeleteTaskStatsData

Datacap Document Processing improvements

Datacap now has improved integration with Automation Document Processing. Datacap now shows the status of batches sent to Automation Document Processing.

For details on enabling ADP Batch status in Datacap, see DocumentProcessingUpdateBatchStatus

Log Tools

A set of log collection and analysis tools are included with Datacap version 9.1.9. These tools make it easy to collect logs from the various servers and analyze them.

For more information on log tools, see Setting up environment for using Log tools

New action libraries added

Three new actions are added to EWSMail action library.

  • ex_login_O365_OAuth_Graph()
  • ex_scan_graph()
  • ex_logout_graph()

These new actions use Microsoft Graph APIs to scan mail folder, download mails and attachment details in the batch folder. All processed mails will be appropriately moved to existing folders as per setup. These new actions will enable clients to move from EWS protocol and use Microsoft graph APIs to process mails and attachments in the batch folder.

Two new actions are added to RecognitionOCRPL action library

  • RecognizeFieldOCRPL - This field-level action performs recognition for a zoned field and retrieves associated field settings from the OCR/PL tab.
  • RecognizeOMROCRPL- This field-level action performs recognition for a zoned OMR field and retrieves associated field settings from the OCR/PL tab of the recognition options in Datacap Studio.

DocumentProcessingUpdateBatchStatus action is added to DocumentProcessing action library

Deprecated, dropped in IBM Datacap version 9.1.9

Watson VR and NLC are no longer available

The Watson VR and NLC services are no longer available. Existing users were notified and all services related to these features were disabled as of 1 December 2021.

The corresponding Datacap actions for these services were removed from Datacap 9.1.9.

Business Automation Content Analyzer no longer included with Insight Edition

Content Analyzer is no longer included with Datacap Insight Edition as of version 9.1.9.

The Datacap actions to connect to Content Analyzer continue to be included and supported.

Existing Content Analyzer users can continue to use it with Datacap and will be supported throughout the support life of Datacap 9.1.8.

Datacap Mobile and Automation Mobile Capture

Datacap Mobile and Automation Mobile Capture end of support was announced on 14 September 2021: https://www.ibm.com/common/ssi/ShowDoc.wss?docURL=/common/ssi/rep_ca/4/897/ENUS921-074/index.html&request_locale=en

These apps are no longer included with Datacap.

Customers who want to use Datacap functionality in their mobile app should use our REST APIs