Defining a condition and the associated action

A task can have any number of conditions that are associated with it, although splitting uses only the first condition. Branching actions can use any of the conditions.

To define a condition and the associated action:

  1. Start the Datacap Web Client, click the Administrator tab, and click Workflow.
  2. Expand the job that contains the task, which includes the condition and associated action, and select the task.
  3. In the Selected task details section, select Router from the Mode menu.
  4. In the Parameters section, enter Return Conditions under the Key column, and enter the condition name under the Value column.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click the task that you created and in the Selected condition details section, and select or enter values for the corresponding fields, as needed:
    Field Description
    Spawn type: The following values are available:
    • Branch – sends the current batch to the specified job, then returns to the main workflow
    • Jump – skips the next <steps> tasks in the main workflow
    • Split – used with the SplitBatch action to send a child batch to the specified job
    • Stop – stops processing the batch (status = “batch stopped”)
    Child Job: Determines where the batch is sent. Used for Branch or Split only. For example, the batch is sent to Fixup Job.
    Parent status: The batch status when the batch returns. Can be Pending or Hold.
    Child status:  Can be Pending or Hold.
    • When used with Jump: The number of workflow tasks to jump
    • When used with Branch: The return point after branching is completed (0 = same task, 1 = next task, and so on.)
  7. Click Save condition.