Migrating a Datacap environment to a new release requires that you upgrade the component software and migrate your deployed applications. Depending on the currently installed version of Datacap, upgrading the software may first require removing the previous version before installing the new release. The migration steps can include revising existing functionality, adding new features, or changing baseline user interfaces.

Before you begin

For hardware and software requirements, see System Requirements: Hardware and Software Requirements for IBM® Datacap, Version 9.0.1.

About this task

Upgrades from the following IBM Datacap versions are supported:
  • IBM Datacap V8.0.1
  • IBM Datacap V8.1.0
  • IBM Datacap V9.0 or later version


To upgrade to the latest Datacap software version:

  1. Create the test environment. See Creating a test environment.
  2. Create the production environment. See Creating a production environment.