pureQueryXml property

Specifies the fully-qualified or relative path to and name of a file that is to be created by the process of capturing SQL statements or that already exists as a result of that process.

The extension of the file must be either .pdqxml or .xml. There is no default value. The name of the file must follow the conventions of file names for your operating system.

Using this property with a repository: If the finalRepositoryProperties property specifies a repository, an exception is thrown if the pureQueryXml property is also specified.

Using this property when you are capturing SQL statements:

Using this property to run captured SQL statements dynamically: Use the pureQueryXml property to specify the file in which those statements were captured. The directory and file that you specify must exist. The application must have permission to read files that are in the specified directory.

If you are setting this property in a pdq.properties file in the workbench: Ensure that the property pureQueryXml is set to dataAccessFolder/file-name. If you do not set a value, the workbench uses dataAccessFolder/capture.pdqxml. For the workbench to recognize the pureQueryXML file, the file must be in the dataAccessFolder folder in your Java™ project.

Important: If captured SQL is being saved to the pureQueryXML and the file is located on file system, you must ensure that the application is quiesced and that the file is not being written to when you retrieve the file. If the application is not is quiesced, the contents of the pureQueryXML file might not be valid or the application might not be able to update the pureQueryXML file causing an I/O error. You can use the -validateXml option with the Merge utility, the Configure utility, or the StaticBinder utility to ensure the validity of the file.

IBM CLI and IBM Data Server Driver usage notes

When using DB2 Call Level Interface (DB2 CLI) or the IBM Data Server Driver with pureQuery Runtime, you can use the pureQuery Runtime property as a configuration keyword.

IBM CLI keyword syntax
pureQueryXml = fully-qualified filename | relative filename
IBM Data Server Driver configuration syntax
<parameter name="pureQueryXml" value="fully-qualified filename | relative filename
Equivalent environment or connection attribute:
Equivalent IBM® Data Server Provider for .NET connection string keyword