IBM Daeja ViewONE overview

IBM® Daeja® ViewONE Virtual provides an HTML5-based image viewer that extends your web browser. You can use this viewer to view, annotate, zoom, magnify, scroll, pan, rotate, and print your images and image documents quickly and easily. In addition, IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual provides an edit mode, called document builder, that you can use to manipulate pages in PDF and TIFF documents that are displayed in the viewer. For example, you can use document builder mode to merge pages from multiple documents into a single document, split document to create new documents, add pages, rotate pages, and reorder pages.

Important: IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual includes modules that are designed to support as many file types as possible. However, these modules are not able to render every type of file with the same accuracy as the original applications, such as Microsoft Word. The flexibility of the modules can lead to differences in the way that the documents are displayed between the original application and the modules. The severity of the differences varies depending on the complexity of the file type.

You can configure and customize IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual by using HTML parameters. Alternatively, you can configure and customize the viewer or by using the JavaScript SDK. For more information, see Customizing IBM Daeja ViewONE