Installing IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor

For details on installing Transformation Advisor before version 2.4.0, see here.

IBM Transformation Advisor can be installed using the CASE installer CLI, or from the OperatorHub in the OpenShift UI.

Cluster admin privileges are required by the user performing an install of Transformation Advisor. After installation, there is no differentiation of roles within Transformation Advisor, and all authenticated users can perform all actions in the product.


Please read the Prerequisites carefully before proceeding with the install. Ensure the IBM Operator Catalog installed, you have a project(namespace) for the install, you have entitled registry details where appropriate, and have the necessary information regarding the persistence you want to use.

Supported Platforms

The IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor Operator is supported on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform (OCP) v4.5+ running on any of the following hardware:

Operator Installation

Install the operator by completing the following steps:

After a few minutes you should see confirmation that the operator has installed successfully.

Configure and Install Transformation Advisor Instance

Once the operator has been installed, you can click through on the operator to configure and create an instance of Transformation Advisor.

See Configuration page for a full list of the configurations available in the custom resource YAML file.


By default, the Transformation Advisor instance will be automatically configured to use the OpenShift Container Platform OAuthClient. You may configure configure Transformation Advisor to use a third party authentication source. Please refer to the documentation for more information on how to configure a thrid party authentication source. See

Access UI

By default, the Transformation Advisor operator exposes the UI as a Route on OpenShift. Go to "Networking" - "Routes" and click on the location of the ui-route.

Installing using the CASE installer

The Container Application Software for Enterprises (CASE) specification defines metadata and structure for packaging a containerized application. For more details please see CASE Specification.

The CASE installer provides the commands needed to install/uninstall Transformation Advisor using the CLI.

IMPORTANT: If the CASE installation fails for any reason (if for example you set an install argument incorrectly like the user or password) and you want to retry the installation, first uninstall using the CASE uninstall command that is shown below in the section "Uninstalling with cloudctl CASE launcher". Do not manually delete the target namespace before you have run the uninstall.

CASE Details

This CASE contains three inventory items:

Each inventory has a with details on the install actions and options available in that inventory.

Step 1: Get oc and cloudctl tools

oc login https://<your_api_cluster_url>  ...

Step 2. Set project and entitled registry environment variables

export TA_PROJECT=ta


NOTE: If you are not installing from the entitled registry, you do no need to set the ENTITLED_* environment variables. Instead you will pass an argument called --tryAndBuy when installing.

cloudctl case save \
    --case<VERSION>/ibm-transadv-<VERSION>.tgz \
    --outputdir ./transadv-case

...where <VERSION> is the desired version of Transformation Advisor, e.g. 2.4.0

Step 3. Extract the CASE archive

cd transadv-case
tar -xzvf ibm-transadv-<VERSION>.tgz

Step 4. Run the CASE install action

IMPORTANT: There is an issue installing Transformation Advisor 2.4.0 from the IBM Operator Catalog using the CASE installer. Please run the following to resolve the problem:

sed -i "s/ibm-transadv-catalog/ibm-operator-catalog/g" ./ibm-transadv/inventory/v2TransAdvOperator/files/subscription.yaml

(On MacOS you may need to alter the sed command to the following sed -i'.bak' ....).

The issue is resolved in 2.4.1+ and does not require the above command.

To view the license run the following command:

cloudctl case launch \
    --case ibm-transadv \
    --inventory v2InstallProduct \
    --namespace $TA_PROJECT \
    --action install \
    --args "--viewLicense"

To specify a license type, accept the license and install from entitled registry (See Prerequisite section) run the following command:

cloudctl case launch \
    --case ibm-transadv \
    --inventory v2InstallProduct \
    --namespace $TA_PROJECT \
    --action install \
    --args "--acceptLicense true --licenseType L-XXXX-XXXXXX --registry $ENTITLED_REGISTRY --user $ENTITLED_USER --pass $ENTITLED_PASS --secret transadv-pull-secret --installIbmCatalog --storageClass rook-ceph-cephfs-internal"

To upgrade from version 2.3.X to version 2.4.X, while preserving data and customizations, run the following command:

For more information on upgrading see Upgrading

cloudctl case launch \
    --case ibm-transadv \
    --inventory v2InstallProduct \
    --namespace $TA_PROJECT \
    --action install \
    --args "--acceptLicense true --upgrade"

NOTE: The above command sets the persistence to create and use a PVC of storage class rook-ceph-cephfs-internal. Change the --storageClass value to match a storage class that exists on your system.

NOTE: The above command uses the --installIbmCatalog argument to automatically install the IBM operator catalog if it is not already installed on the cluster.

See the "ACTION: install" section below for more details on the install action.

Accessing the UI

At the end of a successful install, you will be presented with a link in the console that will take you to the Transformation Advisor UI. You will need to have a valid login to the cluster to access Transformation Advisor UI.

Validating a successful install

To validate the install you may access the UI as per instructions above. If the UI is accessible and there are no errors shown on the UI, you can be confident that your install has been successful. On the back end, you can run the following commands to see four healthy pods. All the pods should show Running status and Ready 1/1:

> oc get pods -n <project namespace>
NAME                           READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
ta-couchdb-58cd94b967-lzhdd    1/1     Running   0          3m
ta-operator-64f474cd76-wkcfm   1/1     Running   0          3m
ta-server-79f76fb75c-mmrtl     1/1     Running   0          3m
ta-ui-cfb568798-tpn6q          1/1     Running   0          3m

You can also use the OpenShift UI to explore the Transformation Advisor pods - as well as all the other resources such as deployments. Navigate to the Workloads in the left navigation of OpenShift and make sure the project is set to the project where you installed Transformation Advisor.

Uninstalling with cloudctl CASE launcher

Run the following command to uninstall:

cloudctl case launch \
    --case ibm-transadv \
    --inventory v2InstallProduct \
    --namespace $TA_PROJECT \
    --action uninstall

See the "ACTION: uninstall" section below for more details on the uninstall action.


This operator may be evaluated for a period of 90 days after which it may continue to be used in conjunction with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications or IBM Cloud Pak for Integration see License.