Transformation Advisor Deployment Options

Transformation Advisor Deployment Options

Get started with assessing your applications. You can try Transformation Advisor at no cost for 90 days on all platforms as detailed below. You can continue to use TA beyond the 90-day evaluation period on certain platforms if you have entitlement to any of the IBM products listed here.

Transformation Advisor does not support IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service. The only Kubernetes platform that Transformation Advisor supports is Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform - which may be deployed privately or on a public cloud.

Platfrom/OS 90 Day Free Evaluation Production Use Installation Hardware
OCP 4.6+ Yes Yes apply key install via Operator x86_64/Power/IBM Z
RHEL 7.7+ Yes Yes apply key installation guide amd64
Windows v10 Yes No installation guide Desktop/Laptop
MacOS Yes No installation guide Desktop/Laptop

Moving from a desktop evaluation install to a supported install

If you have been using the free evaluation on your desktop/laptop and are moving to running TA on OCP or RHEL you can keep your data. If you kept your Data Collector .zip files, you can upload your data to the cloud instance again. Alternatively, you can export the data from Transformation Advisor on your desktop and import to your supported instance by following the export and import instructions.