Creating and managing artifact types

To create an artifact type, click the Create Artifact Type button. To edit, click the artifact type name.

You can enter the following properties:

  • Name. Brief but descriptive and unique name for the artifact type.
  • API Name. Auto-generated based on the Name. It is used by app developers to programmatically access the artifact type. Do not change it unless directed to do so by your organization as changing the name will require changing any apps accessing the artifact type.
  • Relate cases. Determine whether Case Management shows a relationship between cases when they contain the same artifact. See Show case relationships for details.
  • Allow file attachments. Determine whether users can attach a file to this artifact. This option is disabled if you are allowing multiple values.
  • Allow multiple values. If Yes, a user can enter multiple values for one artifact; for example, multiple URLs. Multiple values can be separated by a comma, space or new line. This option is disabled if you are allowing file attachments.
  • Description. Text that describes the purpose of the artifact type and any other useful information.

You can delete any artifact type by clicking the delete icon; however, you cannot delete an artifact type if it is referenced by a condition in a rule. When deleted, users can no longer select that artifact type, but any artifacts of that type attached to a case are still available.