Unable to update Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster to 4.10

The ibm-etcd-operator.v1.0.10 CSV has the olm.MaxOpenshiftVersion annotation set to 4.9, which blocks updates to 4.10.


You receive the following warning when you try to update your Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform to 4.10.

Warning alert: This cluster should not be updated to the next minor version.
Cluster operator operator-lifecycle-manager should not be upgraded between minor versions: ClusterServiceVersions blocking cluster upgrade: 
cp4s/ibm-etcd-operator.v1.0.10 is incompatible with OpenShift minor versions greater than 4.9

Resolving the problem

  1. On your Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform console, go to Home > Search.
  2. Select your IBM Security QRadar® Suite Software namespace from the Project menu.
  3. Select Subscription from the Resources menu.
  4. Click ibm-etcd-operator-v1.0-ibm-operator-catalog-openshift-marketplace.
  5. Click ibm-etcd-operator.v1.0.10.
  6. On the YAML tab, change the olm.MaxOpenshiftVersion value from 4.9 to 4.11 for operatorframework.io/properties and olm.properties in the metadata.annotations section.
  7. Go to Home > Search.
  8. Select ClusterOperator from the Resources menu.
  9. Click operator-lifecycle-manager, and wait for Upgradeable to show True.
The warning message is no longer displayed, and you can update your cluster to 4.10.