Checking connection errors

Proxy, firewall, and network settings that are not configured correctly can cause connection errors.

If you are using the Edge Gateway standalone version, connection errors can occur if the firewall is not configured correctly. Make sure that the firewall is configured correctly as described by the procedure in Installing the standalone software.

Refer to the instructions in Configure proxy authentication. Because not all apps support proxy settings, refer to the app documentation to determine whether the proxy is supported for the app.

If the proxy and firewall are configured correctly but you still have connection issues, check with your networking team to make sure that the network is configured properly.

You can use the manageAppHost checkconnection command to test the connection of the paired Edge Gateway, as shown in the following example:
[root@apphost ~]# manageAppHost checkconnection
INFO: Checking cluster API connectivity
Select the app host to test:
  [0] All
  [1] 834c437a-20e9-4c96-9c03-c81011035bc9    apphost1          v1.11.1.483
  [2] 87e510ed-dc7b-44d1-bab7-aa1ac91d09d9    apphost2          v1.12.1.530
Choose the app host ID from the list above (0-2):
INFO: Using app host 87e510ed-dc7b-44d1-bab7-aa1ac91d09d9 (apphost2)
INFO: Checking app host 87e510ed-dc7b-44d1-bab7-aa1ac91d09d9 (apphost2, version
INFO: Checking controller deployment
INFO: Checking controller functionality
INFO: Checking app deployments
INFO: End of app host check for 87e510ed-dc7b-44d1-bab7-aa1ac91d09d9

>>> App host 87e510ed-dc7b-44d1-bab7-aa1ac91d09d9 (apphost2, version <<<
No problem found.