Lesson 1: Creating a basic graph

When creating a custom graph, all incident fields are available for selection, including your custom fields. In this lesson you will create a simple Table graph.

About this task

You can choose from multiple graph formats. However, depending on the fields and filters that you use, some types are more suitable than others. For example, if your graph is displaying incident types and there are a lot of types, a Table is a more suitable format than Line.

Complete the following steps to create a custom graph that charts the average time for incidents to close by incident type.


  1. From the menu, select Case Management > Analytics and click Add Widget.
  2. Click the Custom Incident Widget +. You create the graph from this screen.
  3. Enter a title, such as Time to close by type and accept the default size Half.
  4. Using the filters at the top of the screen:
    • For Date Created, select All.
    • For Status select Closed.

    The following graphic shows the filters for this sample graph.

    The surrounding text describes this graphic, which is a snap shot of the user interface.
  5. From the box at the bottom of the Fields section, drag Average Time to the top field selection area.
  6. The entire list of incident fields are listed alphabetically. Scroll down and drag Incident Type to the top field selection area. The following graphic shows the configuration.
    The surrounding text describes this demo, which is an example of the user interface.
  7. Click the edit icon beside Average Time and review the options. The average time is calculated as the difference between date created and date closed. From the Time Unit menu, you select the time units used for the measurement. For this lesson, select Days, and click Save.
  8. From the Size menu, review the available options and accept the default value, which is Half.
  9. From the chart type icons displayed across the screen, review the available chart types and accept the default, which is Table, then click Save.


The graph that you created is displayed on the dashboard, similar to the following.
The surrounding text describes this graphic, which is a snap shot of the user interface.

Lesson checkpoint

Review the graph on the dashboard and how the data is displayed based on the fields that you added.

Edit the graph to change the graph format by clicking the edit icon for the graph on the dashboard. Select a different format, such as Line, and review the results. If there are many incident types in your environment, the results displayed might be unusable. You can also change the time units used for Average Time and observe the results.