Script builder

You can write a script for a Condition point, where the script provides a result that is either True or False to use as a condition for an outgoing path.

You can access playbook's object type field values from the script to determine the value of result.

The script can read values and create a result. It cannot write or change values or add artifacts.

The following procedure describes how to write a script in Script builder.
  1. In the Condition point panel, click Create condition or open an existing condition then click the edit icon.
  2. In the Create or Edit condition page, click Script builder.
  3. In the Language field, determine whether to use Python 2 or 3 to evaluate the script.
  4. To use a script editor other than the default, click Mode and select the editor.
  5. To change the length the tab key provides, click Tab Size and select the size.
  6. Use standard Python language to retrieve values as needed, and to set result. You can use the playbook.functions and keywords as described in Playbook operations.