New Incident Wizard

The New Incident Wizard is the set of steps that prompts a user for information when creating a new incident. You can rearrange and modify the steps, add custom fields, and create steps.

The New Incident Wizard page shows each step as a block and in order. In the example below, steps 1, 2, and 3 are Describe the Incident, Date and Location, and Implications.
The surrounding text describes this graphic, which is a snap shot of the user interface.

Use the up and down arrows in each step to reorder the steps.

Use the wrench icon to name the step and to set conditions. When you set a condition, the wizard displays that step only when the incident meets the condition. Using this feature, you can configure the wizard to show only some steps when certain conditions occur, such as particular field values being selected in previous steps. The wizard always displays the first step regardless of any conditions.

You can add fields, views, and blocks to each step in the wizard, as described later in this section.

Use the Add Step button to create a new step then drag the appropriate fields, views, and blocks from the right-hand column into the step. Afterward, click the Wrench icon to name the step and set any conditions. When you are done, move the step to its correct position using the down arrow.

If you are using workspaces in your configuration, you might want to add the Workspace field to the new incident wizard so that the user can determine where to assign the incident.

When done, click Save to implement your changes.