An app extends the capabilities of the IBM® Security QRadar® SOAR Orchestration & Automation application by providing access to remote code or applications.

An IBM Security Orchestration & Automation app is available in two formats, one format supports the Kubernetes-based container environments, the other supports the previously available extension format which requires an integration server. The container format provides improved usability, manageability, and security. The extension format requires that the extension is loaded on to an integration server and then deployed to the IBM Security QRadar SOAR Orchestration & Automation application.

An IBM Security QRadar SOAR app supports a Kubernetes-based container environment. The container format provides usability, manageability, and security. You use the Edge Gateway to install and manage these apps.

A developer can use the SDK to create an app in both formats. Additionally, the SDK allows you to convert an earlier app in extension format to a container format. The IBM Security QRadar SOAR application supports apps in both formats.