Function properties

Functions have properties such as name, message destination, and inputs.

Each function has the following properties:
  • Name: Name of the function. When adding or editing, use a unique name that describes the purpose of the function.
  • API Name: Generated by the system and based on the Name field. App developers use this name when creating external scripts that call this function. As the function is implemented by external scripts, it is recommended that you make the API name unique.
  • Message destination: Used to transport the function call. The message destination is required and must be configured to be type queue and expect an acknowledgment. If a function does not receive an acknowledgment, it continues to wait and can prevent the workflow from completing.
  • Description: Text that describes the function.
  • Inputs: One or more fields whose values are inputs for the function. The values can be statically given by the workflow designer or dynamically specified in a pre-process script.