The canvas section of the Playbook designer is the graphic interface where you design your playbook.

When you drag a customization onto the canvas, the customization becomes a node. Each node is numbered sequentially as you add them to the canvas. If you add the same customization multiple times, each instance is an individual node and has its own number. The numbering scheme is used for identification only. Decision points are not nodes and are not numbered.

When you hover over a node or decision point on the canvas, its connectors display as blue dots. Click a dot and drag it to connect it to another node or point.

The canvas includes design tools zoom in, zoom out, zoom to fit, undo, redo, and lasso to group items. It also includes the playbook status, icon to save the playbook, icon to view errors, icon to view details and a menu icon.

Playbook Toolbar screenshot

The View errors icon is a red whenever the playbook contains errors. The node with the error also has the red icon. Clicking the icon displays information about the errors. The example shows three distinct errors.

Playbook Error Screenshot

The View details icon displays information about the playbook. For more information, see Detail panels.

The menu icon presents the Delete playbook option.