Manage Edge Gateways

You can renew an Edge Gateway pairing information, edit its details, and delete an Edge Gateway.

To manage an Edge Gateway, from the IBM Security QRadar Suite menu, click General settings > Connections > Edge gateways and click the menu button for an Edge Gateway. For example:

You can complete the following:
  • Renew. Regenerates the pairing information. Should only be used if the pairing information is lost. Do not regenerate the pairing information for an active Edge Gateway with apps installed and running.
  • Edit. Allows you to change the name and description of the Edge Gateway.
  • Delete. Removes the Edge Gateway. Any apps using the Edge Gateway are undeployed, but remain in the Apps tab in a ready to deploy state.

    When you delete an Edge Gateway, the background process might take 10-15 minutes to completely remove the namespaces and the database entries. This ensures that there are no stale database entries for the Edge Gateways.