Manage users

You manage user and user permissions from the Users tab. Use the Roles tab to create roles, which are a set of permissions. Use the Groups tab to create groups.

There are a number of user-related features:
  • Assign roles and groups to users. You can manage users and the role assigned to them and the groups to which they are assigned. You can also create API key accounts to enable integrations to access the IBM Security Orchestration & Automation application.
  • Create and manage workspaces. A workspace is a container or partition for grouping different categories of cases, which can aid in managing cases more efficiently across multiple teams and also within teams. For example, you might want to have a workspace for all case involving malware.
  • Create and manage roles. A role is a set of permissions. If you are using workspaces, you can grant a user a global role, which is a set of permissions that apply across the Orchestration & Automation application, and a workspace role, which is a set of permissions for specific workspaces only.