Searching, viewing, and editing account details

As a system administrator, you can search and view details for multiple accounts of Standard or Provider account type. You can edit account settings. You can also search for users and view users across multiple accounts to see details that include account membership.

Before you begin

Understand the information in Users and accounts and in User access, roles, and permissions.

You must be working in the System Administration account and have the required permissions to manage accounts.

About this task


  1. On the home page, from Quick navigation section, select Account management.
    The Account management page lists all of the Standard and Provider accounts in IBM Security QRadar® Suite Software with their details.
  2. To search or filter for accounts or users, click the Search icon and then specify the search criteria to filter the list of items that are displayed on the table. You can search by account name, account ID, status, or identity provider.
    Only alphanumeric including the following common characters are allowed: plus (+), equal (=), comma (,), period (.), at (@), underscore (_), and hyphen (-).
  3. Select the accounts and users that you want to work with.
    • Select an account and edit the account settings.
      Tip: For the System Administration account, it is not possible to rename or edit the description.
    • Select the accounts in which you want to view users, and click Manage users. The Manage users page lists the users in the selected accounts with their details.
      Tip: If you do not have membership in an account, you cannot see the username or email in the list.