Synchronizing the foundational services password

The foundational services authentication credentials are used by IBM Security QRadar® Suite Software to access the Identity and Access Management service of IBM Cloud Pak® foundational services. QRadar Suite Software provides a serviceability action to synchronize the credentials when they are changed.

About this task

For more information about foundational services authentication credentials, see Changing the cluster administrator access credentials.

Install the command-line interface (CLI) utility cpctl from the cp-serviceability pod. For more information, see Installing the cpctl utility.


  1. To ensure that the list of available cpctl actions is up to date, enter the following command.
    cpctl load
    The cpctl load command retrieves all of the available actions that can be run on QRadar Suite Software. The actions are cached to your local environment.
  2. To run the sync_install_password action, enter the following command. No parameters are required.
    cpctl remediation sync_install_password --token $(oc whoami -t)


The following output is an example of the output that results from running the command.

secret/platform-secret-default changed
INFO: IBM Cloud Pak foundational services secret has been changed, updating applications
deployment.apps/isc-entitlements patched
INFO: IBM Cloud Pak foundational services secret has been synchronized