Checking the status of QRadar Suite Software deployments

The check_status action runs a status check of all deployments on IBM Security QRadar® Suite Software. It outputs any errors that might exist.

Before you begin

To access the check_status action, you must install the command line interface (CLI) utility cpctl from the cp-serviceability pod. For more information, see Installing the cpctl utility to access support actions.


To use the check_status action, run the following command:
cpctl diagnostics check_status --token $(oc whoami -t)


Based on the following example, one of the deployments (DRC) failed and it needs attention.
cpctl diagnostics check_status --token "$(oc whoami -t)"                                                                               
Executing playbook check_status.yaml- localhost on hosts: localhost -
Gathering Facts...
  localhost ok
Get cp4s namespace...
  localhost ok
status check...
  localhost failed | msg: non-zero return code | stdout: ERROR: CR drc has status Progressing: Deployment/drc not available: readyReplicas 2 out of 3 | stderr: I1101 17:02:12.415585  258332 request.go:690] Waited for 1.037226857s due to client-side throttling, not priority and fairness, request: GET: Play recap -
  localhost                  : ok=3    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0    rescued=0    ignored=1

You can get a list of parameters by running the following command:

cpctl diagnostics check_status --help