Adding or removing users for multiple accounts

As a Provider account administrator, you can add or remove users for multiple Standard accounts in the Provider account. Add users to enable individuals in an organization to access the IBM Security QRadar® Suite Software console services, accounts, and applications that they need to do their work. You can also remove users whose requirement for access has ended or changed.

Before you begin

Understand the information in Users and accounts and in User access, roles, and permissions.

Important: The users that you are planning to add to QRadar Suite Software with LDAP authentication must have an email address in the LDAP directory. If you add a user with no email address, the user might experience access issues on QRadar Suite Software.

You must be working in the Provider account and have the required permissions to manage accounts.

About this task

To add users in multiple accounts, the accounts that you select must have at least one identity provider in common. QRadar Suite Software searches for users only in identity providers that are common to the selected accounts. Those identity providers must include the users that you want to add to the QRadar Suite Software account.


  1. From the home page, under Quick navigation, click Account management.
    The Account management page lists all of the Standard accounts in the Provider account with their account details.
  2. Select the account or accounts in which you want to add one or more users, and click Manage users.
    The Manage users page lists the existing users in the selected accounts.

    If the accounts that you selected do not have at least one identity provider in common, the Add users button is disabled.

  3. Click Add users.
  4. In the Users field, enter users by username or email.
  5. Under Permissions, expand each platform service or application, and choose an access level.
  6. Click Add users.
    See a success message and the users that you added in the list of users.
  7. Click Done.


A profile for each user is created or updated. The profile is the metadata that is associated with the user. The user is added to one or more accounts with the assigned roles in each of the available QRadar Suite Software applications or services. Users added to one or more QRadar Suite Software accounts can log in to QRadar Suite Software.

Removing a user

When you select accounts by following steps 1-2 in the preceding procedure, you can remove users by completing the following procedure.

About this task

You can delete a single user by hovering on the user row and selecting the trash icon.


  1. Click the checkbox for the users that you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove user.
  3. At the information message, click Remove user.
  4. Remove the user from your identity provider.


The users are removed from the accounts immediately. The user's data in the selected accounts will be deleted. If a user belongs only to these accounts, subsequent attempts by the user to log in to QRadar Suite Software fail.