What's new

The following is a description of new technical changes and important information updates for the system.

Version 3, Release 15.7

Table 1. Updates for IBM Cloud Object Storage System 3.15.7
Function Description
S3 Versioning

ClevOS 3.15.7 introduces S3 Object Versioning support when operating this feature in container mode. As part of this release update, changes were made to align more closely with the S3 Object Versioning API. The following API changes tied to container mode also apply to clients that use Object Versioning with Vault mode:

  • PUT-COPY metadata update operations now create a new Object Version if versioning is configured on the bucket. Previously, this operation would have only modified the metadata for the most current version.
  • When a versionID query parameter is given for a request that does not support the parameter (ex: object uploads), an InvalidArgument error with HTTP Status code of 400 is returned rather than being ignored.
  • GET, PUT, and DELETE Object Tagging requests are no longer supported for delete markers. A MethodNotAllowed error with HTTP status code of 405 is now returned.
This feature also introduces new behaviors that apply when operating in container mode. Clients that use Vault mode Object Versioning, and who are considering moving to Container mode, must be aware of the following differences in behavior:
  • Maximum of 1000 versions per object history is removed. Users can create an unlimited number of versions for each object.
  • Not all previous versions are preserved when an object is overwritten after versioning is suspended in Container mode. An object written when versioning is disabled or suspended that has a versionID of null, and only a single null version can exist. If a null version exists when the versioning state is toggled from enabled to suspended, the Vault mode of operation preserves all pre-existing versions during the subsequent overwrite by assigning the existing null version a new versionID. In the Container mode of operation, the existing null version is overwritten in this scenario. Customers must be aware that the Container mode of operation differs from Vault mode in this behavior.
Add TLS Endpoint to Device API

Device Level API now supports HTTPS in addition to the existing HTTP capability.