Database configuration formulas

Database configuration formulas are used to automatically calculate the value of Maximo Business Objects or Maximo Business Object attributes. Formulas use input variables and mathematical expressions to calculate values.

Attribute formulas

Attribute formulas can be applied to both persistent and nonpersistent attributes. For example, you can create a nonpersistent asset attribute called overbudgetcost to track the amount that the year-to-date cost of an asset surpasses the budgeted cost. You can then add the following attribute formula to automatically calculate the value of the overbudgetcost attribute: ytdcost-budgetcost. In this example, whenever the year-to-date cost or the budget cost changes, the value for the overbudgetcost attribute is updated. If overbudgetcost is a persistent attribute, the formula calculates the value at the save point of the asset.

Object formulas

Object formulas are associated directly to a Maximo Business Object and their values can be used as an input for other formulas. With object formulas, you do not have to create an attribute just to store a calculation. For example, you can define overbudgetcost as an object formula and then use that value in other formulas with the following expression: exp$overbudgetcost.

For more information on commonly-used formulas, see the formula community.