What's new in IBM Control Desk version

New features and capabilities in version of IBM® Control Desk can help your organization achieve greater efficiency.

Tivoli®'s process automation engine (TPAE) version
This version of IBM Control Desk runs on TPAE version
Language selection option in Service Portal when the SSO (Single Sign-On) is enabled
In previous releases, when SSO is enabled:
  • The user was not able to select different languages for the Service Portal GUI.
  • The Service Catalogue in the Service Portal always displays the offerings/services in the default language only.
IBM Control Desk provides enhancements in the Service Portal GUI and gives an option to the user to select different languages when SSO is enabled.
During the rating of a Solution in Service Portal, successfully Solution applied count is now stored in the ICD backend
For the Self Service Center in Service Portal, the following enhancements have been introduced similar to the functionalities in the Self Service Center of IBM Control Desk. For more details, see Reporting issues in the Self Service Center.
  1. When you search solution on the Report issue page and click the searches in virtual assistant, a pop-up will be displayed. A new field Number of times applied has been added on the pop-up page to show the number of times that users have applied solution successfully.
  2. After you have reviewed the searched solution and clicked the cancel icon, a pop-up Your Feedback with the following options will be displayed. Click one of the following buttons next to the text, Does this solution solve your problem?
    • Yes — The solution gave you the information you needed and the count for the Number of times applied will increase by 1. The system creates a new service request with the status as RESOLVED.
    • No — You were not able to find a solution to your issue. The system closes the pop-up window and the Report issue page is displayed again. You can fill all the details on the Report issue page to creates a new service request with status as NEW or QUEUED (in case you select a specific template from Additional ticket information).
    • Not sure — This solution did not give you the information you needed but you would like to search again. The pop-up will be closed and the Report issue page is displayed again.
Addition of removed features related to the topology diagram
Previously, in IBM Control Desk release, features related to topology diagram were removed from Configuration Items application and Change application. IBM Control Desk provides enhancements in the topology diagram and re-introduced it in the Configuration Items application and Change application. See Viewing a CI topology for actual configuration items and Viewing an impact analysis topology.
Deployer's Workbench is upgraded and now support TADDM Simplified Model
In the previous IBM Control Desk release, TADDM Simplified Model was integrated with IBM Control Desk.

Deployer's Workbench is upgraded with security bug fixes in IBM Control Desk and now supports a review of the TADDM Simplified Model in addition to the older Common Data Model. For more details, see Deployer's Workbench.

Customization, branding, and colors on IBM Control Desk mobile app
IBM Control Desk provides enhancements in the mobile app so that the administrators can now do several customizations on the mobile app user interface to reflect a corporate brand. See Customizing the Mobile App user interface.
Replaced UIWebView API with WKWebView API in mobile application
Apple has deprecated UIWebView and will stop accepting submissions of apps that use UIWebView APIs. For more details and updates, see News and Updates on the Apple website.

IBM Control Desk provides enhancements in the ICD Mobile iOS app version 2.0.2, see Replacing UIWebView with WKWebView in ICD Mobile iOS app.

Upgrade of Lucene jar from version 2.9.4 to version 8.5.2 that enable Lucene search for additional 8 language
Lucene search engine is used for full-text search in several IBM Control Desk application such as Global Search, Self-Service Center, Service Portal etc. In previous IBM Control Desk releases, Lucene jar version 2.9.4 is supported that enable Lucene search for 17 language in IBM Control Desk.

IBM Control Desk provides upgraded Lucene jar version 8.5.2 that enable Lucene search for 25 language (additional 8 language compared to older Lucene jar 2.9.4). See Lucene search engine.

Change the LDAP authentication setting to AZURE AD (Active Directory)
The user authentication is now supported through Azure AD, for more details see Configuring Service Portal for single sign-on.
Customer “Best Practices” to containerize ICD over Kubernetes
IBM Control Desk can be containerized over Kubernetes, see IBM Control Desk containerization over Kubernetes.