What's new in IBM Control Desk version

New features and capabilities in version of IBM® Control Desk can help your organization achieve greater efficiency.

Tivoli®'s process automation engine (TPAE) version
This version of IBM Control Desk runs on TPAE version
ChatOps and Slack integration
ChatOps is included in IBM Control Desk to integrate with the Slack application, allowing to share real-time messages and tickets status between all the users in the Slack. See Integrating with Slack.
Remote Diagnostics support is enabled using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server
The previous BigFix Remote Diagnostics tool is now removed from IBM Control Desk. Remote Diagnostics support is now enabled using VNC server so that a Service Desk analyst can take control of remote workstations or servers (called target systems) in order to analyze and solve problems. See Integrating with Virtual Network Computing (VNC) for Remote Control.
TADDM Simplified Model integration
A new Simplified Model for storing data (Custom classifications and Custom collections) is introduced, in addition to older Common Data Model, in TADDM 7.3 version. Control Desk now includes features that support integration with TADDM adapter, to transform data from the Simplified Model used in TADDM to the format used in the Maximo database. Discovered CIs in TADDM are imported into Control Desk as actual CIs using Integration Composer. See Managing configuration items.
License Usage Monitor (LUM) application
LUM is included in IBM Control Desk to monitor usage of licenses for products based on Tivoli's process automation engine. IBM Control Desk is supported as a product in LUM application. LUM application is used to optimize the usage of licenses and determine whether your organization is using more than the purchased number of licenses. See License Usage Monitor application.
ILMT Tagging
IBM License Metric Tool is used to maintain an inventory of installed software assets, gather information about software usage, and ensure license compliance for business. ILMT Tagging helps customer to fetch data inside ILMT tool for further processing . See Support of ILMT Tagging for IBM Control Desk.
Display incident status in Service Portal when related to service request
Service Portal now displays incident status when related to service request. All the Incidents related to the Service Request that has relationship type RELATED will be displayed in the Service Portal similar to the functionality in Self Service Center in IBM Control Desk.
Note: Incidents that has relationship type FOLLOW UP will not be displayed in the Service Portal.
Live chat support through Service Portal
Service Portal now supports live chat in a clustered environment. See Chatting with service desk agents in Service Portal.
Change request approval workflow using mobile application
Change request approval workflow is now supported on a mobile device, such as a tablet or mobile phone. See Change Request for Mobile Users.
Enable Location field in Service Portal with crossover domain
Users can now enable the location field in Service Portal with crossover domain. It is enable now to support crossover domain for the custom field Location in Service Portal while creating tickets. See Adding custom fields to the Service Portal interface for more details on adding custom fields to the IBM Control Desk Service Portal user interface.