What's new in Control Desk Service Portal Fix Pack

New features and capabilities in Control Desk Service Portal Fix Pack can help your organization achieve greater efficiency.

New Service Portal configuration tool
In the Service Portal configuration tool, you can apply configuration changes for logs, chats, application links, and custom themes all from one application.
Field validation
Fields are now validated in Offerings.
Customize the Self Service Center
You can customize the Self Service Center user interface to define features that you want to make available to users. You can edit existing pages, customize fields, change the layout, add or remove widgets, and more.
Integration with Watson
In Service Portal, configure and perform queries using Watson Explorer.
Add attachments to offerings
You can add attachments to offerings in Service Portal.
Request a service for another user
In Service Portal, you can request and submit a service on behalf of another user.
Request an update for a ticket
You can request an update for a ticket. The request appears in the Activity Log.
Send messages to the owner of a ticket
You can send email messages directly to the owner of a ticket in Service Portal.
New ticket type option
In the agent UI of Service Portal, there is a new field where you can add type of issue to a ticket. You can choose incident, problem, or service request.
Conditional domains
You can now work with conditional domains on offerings in Service Portal.
Configure the X-Frame-Options header
By default, Service Portal has an X-Frame-Options header in HTTP responses with a value of DENY. However, you can override this behavior by editing the config.js file.
Single sign-on authentication
Service Portal now offers single sign-on authentication.