Workflow Designer application

You use the Workflow Designer application to create, to view, to modify, and to delete workflow process records that reflect your business processes.

An active workflow process defines the different paths that a record can take as it moves through a business process. The workflow process also specifies the actions and notifications that can take place at different points in a process.

Creating a workflow process involves the following phases:

You create each workflow process record for a business object. An object is a self-contained software entity that consists of both data and functions for manipulating data. Every application is associated with an object. You can create a workflow process either for a main object or for an object with its own applications.

When you specify an object on a process record, the appropriate actions, the communication templates, the escalations, the conditional expressions, and the roles are filtered and displayed as you create the process. The object association also determines which records can be routed through a completed process.

The Workflow Designer application requires a Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM) on the client workstation. If you do not have a JVM installed, the product cannot display the Workflow canvas.