Accessing the Sterling Connect:Direct Web Console User Interface

With authorization, you can access Sterling Connect:Direct® from IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor through the Sterling Connect:Direct Web Console. From this user interface, an administrator can log into Sterling Connect:Direct, sign onto a server, change initialization parameters, and maintain netmap and user authorization information.

About this task

To access the Sterling Connect:Direct Web Console:
  • Access the launch page through the link - IBM Sterling Control Center web console and click IBM Sterling Connect web console.
  • Sign onto a Sterling Connect:Direct server by right-clicking it in the list of servers, then click CD Web Console.
  • From the Control Center Web Console Hamburger menu, select Connect:Direct > C:D Web Console. the IBM Connect:Direct Login screen displays.
  • All of the above steps bring you to the Sterling Connect:Direct sign-in page. You must provide IBM Connect:Direct credentials and click Sign In.