Configuring Users for External Authentication

If you want to validate user credentials externally that use LDAP accessible directories, configure each user for external authentication.

Before you begin

Configure IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor to communicate with IBM Sterling External Authentication Server V2.3.01 or later.

About this task

Attention: If all IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor users are configured for external authentication, and IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor is unable to connect with Sterling External Authentication Server to complete user credential validation, then no users can log on to IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor. Consider having at least one IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor administrative user who is not configured to be externally authenticated so you can always fulfill administrative tasks.

To enable external authentication for IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor users:


  1. In the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor web console, click Users and Roles.
  2. To create a new user, click Create User. To edit an existing user, click All Users.
  3. From the list of users, choose the user you wish to update and click its Overflow icon () > Edit.
  4. In the User Properties page, select one of the following external authentication options:
    • Use Control Center User ID - Authenticate externally with the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor user ID.
    • Use External ID - Provide a separate ID for the external authentication system.
  5. If you chose Use External ID, type the ID in the field.