Configuring the WebSphere MQ

To monitor the status and activity of the Sterling Secure Proxy server, you need to configure the WebSphere® MQ. IBM® Control Center Monitor polls Sterling Secure Proxy events through WebSphere MQ.

About this task

To configure the WebSphere MQ, you need to have the WebSphere MQ administrator authority. To configure the WebSphere MQ:


  1. Create a Queue Manager.
    Depending on your requirements and policies, this might require different levels of security and authentication. Refer to the WebSphere MQ documentation for details. The topic that Sterling Secure Proxy publishes messages to and IBM Control Center Monitor subscribes to does not need to be created ahead of time.
  2. You can define an authentication method. If you use the default local operating system authentication, Sterling Secure Proxy and IBM Control Center Monitor need user credentials that are a member of the mqm group.
  3. Type the channel name.
    The default channel name is SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN, but you can define a different channel name based on your security requirements.