Message list field definitions

There are many fields pertaining to Message lists in IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor.

The following table defines the fields that make up a message list.
Field Description
Name The name of the message list.
Description Text describing the message list.
Messages The messages that make up the message list.
All Roles The roles available to select from.
Selected Roles The restricted roles that have permission to modify this message list. If none is selected, only unrestricted roles have such permission.
This message list is visible to all users When selected, this option makes the message list public and available for selection by all users. Once a public message list is referenced by any other object, you cannot make it private by restricting visibility to specific roles/users.
This message list is visible to restricted users in these Selected Restricted Roles When restricted roles are selected, this option allows only restricted users in the selected roles to view/select/edit the message list.