Viewing Completed Jobs

After a configuration job has been run, you can view the job details.

About this task

To view a completed job:


  1. Go to Configuration Jobs. By default, the Completed Jobs tab is selected.
  2. Choose the job, click its overflow menu icon (Overflow menu icon displays a list of actions) and click View Steps.

    This job information is displayed in Step Viewer:

    Field Description
    Operation The operation that took place in the step.
    Server ID The server affected by the job.
    Started The date and time the step began.
    Completed The date and time the step completed.
    Object Type The type of configuration object affected by the step.
    Message Text The message text associated with the message ID.
    User ID The ID of the user who requested the configuration change.
    Note: If the Return Code is greater than 0 for a job displayed in the Job Viewer, the entire row is colored.