Monitoring Servers and performance issues

Server status and activity are monitored by IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor either by polling servers or by monitored servers pushing events to it. There are two types of monitored servers in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor:
  • OSA (Open Server Architecture)
  • Non-OSA

All OSA server types, a relatively new server type for IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor, by definition, push events related to their activity to IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor. While non-OSA servers are typically polled for activity that has occurred since the last time they were contacted.

Server types that are polled include:
  • Connect:Direct
  • B2Bi/Sterling File Gateway
  • Connect:Express
  • Sterling Secure Proxy
Server types that push events to IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor include:
  • ITXA
  • Global Mailbox
  • FTP z/OS

ITXA and Global Mailbox are OSA servers and their monitoring is handled by the EventProcessorService and the UnprocessedEventService within IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor. Each IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor EP has one EventProcessorService and one UnprocessedEventService to handle monitoring for all OSA servers assigned to it. Non-OSA server types have a service within IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor known as a NodeService that handles monitoring of their activity and status. There is a CDNodeService for Connect:Direct servers, a GISNodeService for B2Bi servers etc. And unlike OSA servers, there is one NodeService running in an EP for each non-OSA server assigned to it. That is, if an EP has 500 non-OSA servers assigned to it there will be 500 NodeServices running in that EP while an EP will only have one EventProcessorService and UnprocessedEventService regardless of how many OSA servers are assigned to it.