Manually Run Content Store Backup

If you are running IBM® Control Center Monitor ifix02 or later, and you have started and stopped IBM Control Center Monitor at least once, it will automatically create the content store backup file you need. To verify if this backup has been created for you, look for message “Successfully submitted the Cognos entire content store export deployment.” in your current IBM Control Center Monitor’s CognosReportService log. Also check if file Cognos/deployment/ exists and verify that its creation date is the same as the last time Control Center Monitor started.

If you are running a version of Control Center Monitor prior to version 6.1.3 ifix02 (or a version after version 6.1.3 ifix02 but you want to make the backup on demand), you can manually create this backup. The steps to manually create this backup are as follows:
  1. Start IBM Control Center Monitor.
  2. Sign on to Cognos Portal via the Java console.
  3. Navigate to the Cognos Administration console (Manage > Administration console > Configuration tab.)
  4. Click on Content Administration > check CCEntireContentStoreExport > More.
  5. Select Set properties…” for CCEntireContentStoreExport deployment

    5. Select Export tab and make sure Include user account information is not checked and click OK.

    6. Run the CCEntireContentStoreExport deployment.

    7. Verify Cognos/deployment/ was created with a current date and time.