Monitor activity

From the Activity Monitors, you can view a configurable number of completed processes and queued processes for monitored servers.

From the two Activity Monitors: Queued Process Activity Monitor and Completed Process Activity Monitor. From the monitors, you can view processes on single or multiple servers or server groups, all managed servers of one type, or all managed servers. In addition to viewing queued and completed processes from the monitors, you can also:

  • Take a snapshot of process activity for queued and completed Sterling Connect:Direct®, Sterling Connect:Express, MQ MFT, and Sterling B2B Integrator processes.
  • Sort the entries in the order you want to see them and then print or save the entries.
  • View statistics that are related to any process listed in the Process Activity Monitors
  • View process statistics that are related to one or more servers, server groups, or server type
  • Restart Sterling B2B Integrator business processes
  • Act on a queued Sterling Connect:Direct and Sterling Connect:Express process, including deleting, suspending, or releasing it
  • Use an existing process in the Completed Process Activity Monitor list to set up monitoring for future transactions using the Monitor this option in the IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor web console.

Users who are DVG-restricted can access only the process steps that are associated with their data visibility group. As a result, DVG-restricted users cannot delete, suspend, or release queued processes. In the Completed Process Activity Monitor, users who are DVG-restricted see only the completed processes that are tagged for the DVGs associated with their role. However, unrestricted users see the maximum number (defaults to 200) configured by the administrator.

When you are viewing process activity in the Queued Process Activity Monitor, consider the following additional information about monitored server types:
  • IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor does not “know” about FTP or Sterling Connect:Enterprise® activity until it occurs. Therefore, the Queued Process Activity Monitor is disabled for those server types.
  • Held and deferred processes do not display in the Queued Process Activity Monitor for Sterling Connect:Express for z/OS.