Resolving system server group naming conflicts

If you change system server group names and a naming conflict exists, the IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor engine does not start. To resolve the conflict, edit the file.

About this task

When the engine detects naming conflicts between system server groups and other server groups, it outputs the following message to the log and the console and stops:
CGRP034E Server group IDs found with matching system server Group IDs. Edit 
conf\servergroups\ and change these names: {0}
In the previous message, {0} is replaced with a list of the system server group names that are creating the conflict and preventing the engine from starting.

To resolve system server group name conflicts:


  1. In a text editor, open in InstallDirectory\conf\servergroups\ (Windows) or InstallDirectory/conf/servergroups/ (UNIX).
  2. Edit the text after the equal sign (=) to change the system server group names identified in the error message before you define objects that reference them.
    Attention: Each system server group must have a unique name. It cannot have the same name as another system server group or a user-defined server group. If a naming conflict exists, the engine will not start until the conflict is resolved. If objects reference the old system server group name, edit the object properties to reference the new system server group name.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Start the engine.