Creating an Oracle database and database users (schemas)

When you create an Oracle database and database users for use with IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor, ensure that you configure the settings required for operation with IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.

Before you begin

Install the Oracle database server instance and ensure that you have the authority to create the database and database users.

About this task

Create the database with the required settings outlined in Required settings for the Oracle database and database users. The following high-level steps are used to create an Oracle database:


  1. Create and configure an Oracle database instance with the required settings.
    Use AL32UTF8 as the character set when creating the instance. If your existing Oracle instance has the required settings, then you do not need to create a new instance.
  2. Identify or create table spaces for user tables and indexes.
  3. Create one database users (schema).
  4. Grant permissions to the users.