About creating SLCs

Follow this procedure to create an SLC.

About this task

To create an SLC:


  1. Review the processing schedule to determine the times when processing must start and complete, and how long processing can run. In the case of a workflow SLC, determine what relationships, such as contingency, exist among processes in the workflow.
  2. Create calendars in IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor—or use a predefined calendar—based on your review of the processing schedule. Calendars are used in schedules. The same calendar can be used in multiple schedules.
  3. Set up SLC schedules in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor based on your review of the processing schedule and the calendars created in step 2. The same SLC schedule can be used with different SLCs. Multiple SLC schedules can be used with one SLC.
  4. Review processing to group different items into SLC groups. For example, if a set of Processes runs at the same time, the Processes should be placed into one SLC group.
  5. Create the SLC group.


When you create an SLC group, the group is displayed in a listing of all groups of its type—standard, wildcard, workflow, or simple.