Overview of Dashboard

The IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor web console dashboard provides an aggregated, snapshot view of the status of your monitored servers and file transfers. The information available to you in the dashboard depends on your permissions to view alerts, servers, server groups, and processes.

In the dashboard, you can view widgets that display information, which can you use to determine server issues on your monitored servers. From each widget, you can drill down to the supporting data that is displayed.

Users can easily rearrange or reorder widgets by employing a simple drag-and-drop action.

User modifications to the dashboard or widgets are automatically saved.

The dashboard includes the following widgets:

  • File Transfer Activity widget, which displays a graph of the volume of file transfers over time for each type of monitored server. From this widget, you can view a list of file transfers by date for each server type.
  • Active Alerts widget, which displays an aggregated view of total active alerts by severity. From this widget, you can drill down to view a list of all active alerts or active alerts by severity.
  • Status Wise File Transfers Widget, which displays the percentage of failed and successful file transfers to the nearest hundredth of a decimal for the servers that you have permission to view. From this widget, you can drill down to view the list of failed or successful file transfers.
  • Environmental health widget, which displays an aggregated health status of the servers and related services in your environment. From this widget, you can view a list of servers or related services that have active, warning, or down status.
  • System Health Overview Widget, which displays the health status of the Control Center Monitor as Poor, Caution or Optimal From this widget you can navigate to Health Overview landing page, which shows all metric details for all EPs.