Configuring Image Pull for an Offline Cluster

The process of pulling and pushing the image to a private registry for an offline (air gap) cluster is covered in the Downloading The Certified Container Software For Offline (Air Gap) Cluster section.

Sample configuration for offline image using OpenShift Private Repository or Local Repository:
# Control Center image details
  repository: "my-registry/<namespace>/ibmscc"
  tag: ""
  # Image pull secret
  imageSecrets: "sccm-image-secret " 
    # true if want to pull image using digest value
    enabled: false
    # digest value of the image
    value: sha256:016a95d79d609a2e9b91b73dbe24148fcdd5db0a1d061ecc2dfcb11210874ed1
  # configuration for image pull type etc. IfNotPresent, Always or Never
  pullPolicy: IfNotPresent