Ensuring your IBM Control Center Monitor environment is highly available

Starting in IBM® Control Center Monitor V6.1, you can choose to have a high availability environment. There are the high-level tasks you need to complete to ensure your IBM Control Center Monitor environment is highly available.

Ensure that you complete the following high-level tasks to implement IBM Control Center Monitor in a high availability environment:
  • Ensure that your database server is configured for high availability. See Detailed System Requirements.
  • Install two or more event processors (EPs) and ensure that they started successfully.
    • Ensure that each EP has a unique name.
  • Configure a load balancer for the event repository and your IBM Control Center Monitor web console.
  • Configure all servers that send SNMP traps to Control Center to be monitored, including Connect:Direct File Agents, to send their traps to all EPs (not just one), and/or configure a trap forwarder to be the recipient of all traps, and to configure it, the trap forwarder, to forward all traps it receives to all EPs.
  • Ensure that you can view your EPs in the web console from Manage > Event processors.
    • Check to ensure that the first EP that started is marked as the controller EP.
    • Set server assignment, failover, and monitoring policies for your EPs.