Alerts Report

The Alerts Report contains information about alerts generated by IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor on managed servers during a specified time period.

The report includes any comments that may have been entered for an alert.

The following table describes the report columns:

Column Description
Alert Date Time Date and time that the alert was generated.
Severity Alert severity level. (0–3)
Server Name Name of the managed server on which the alert was generated.
Proc/Batch Name Process name or Batch ID that generated the alert.
Proc Number Process or batch number that generated the alert.
Rule Name Rule that triggered the alert.
User Data 1–4 User-definable metadata fields.
Handled Time Time that the alert was handled.
Alert Handled A flag indicating whether the alert was handled (Y/N).
Handled By User ID of the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor user who handled the alert.
Comments User comments supplied when the alert was handled.