Monitor this Overview

Monitor this is a feature in the IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor web console that simplifies setting up monitoring for future transactions that are based on the existing transactions in the Completed File Transfers list or the Completed Processes list in the web console.

When you choose Monitor this for a completed file transfer or completed process, a form is pre-populated with information from it. You can modify or add more details to specify what to monitor, when to monitor it, and what actions to take, such as an alert or email notification. If you do not have permission to create the objects, such as an SLC, schedule, rule, action, or calendar, that are used to support the Monitor this option, you can send an email request for a system administrator to set up the monitoring. The email includes all of the information you specified in the Monitor this page. When the administrator receives the email, they can use the URL to complete the monitoring configuration.

During the installation of IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor, a system-wide administrator email address can be configured. For Linux and UNIX platforms, you configure the system-wide email address with the configCC utility. For the Windows platform, you can configure the email address with the configCC utility, or in the email configuration panel during a Windows GUI installation.

Attention: To change the email address, the administrator must stop the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor engine, run the configCC utility, type the new email address when you are prompted, and restart the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor engine.

To ensure that you have the correct email address for the Monitor this request, go to the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor Web Console, and click Menu button () > System Settings > Email Server (in the left hand-side navigation panel). In the Email Server page, System wide administrator email address is listed in the Admin email field. To test whether the email address works or not, click the Test button. If the email server address is specified correctly, you see a successful confirmation and an email is sent to the address listed in the field.