The Event Counter Utility connects to Sterling Connect:Direct® servers based on information in the input file in the IBM/ControlCenter/utils directory. The default input file is named EventCounter.csv, but a different filename can be specified when you run the utility. You can edit the default file with a text editor or a spreadsheet program.

The input file contains the following connection information that is used by the Event Counter Utility:

  • Server Address (Host name or IP Address)
  • IP Port (must be a number)
  • User ID
  • Password

Header information is included for each field, and connection information is separated by commas. Any line that starts with a double slash (//) is treated as a comment and is skipped. The following example shows a sample input file for the Event Counter Utility:

Server Name, Server Address, IP Port, Userid, Password, Protocol, Description,
Contact Name, Contact Phone, Contact Comments
SERVERTEST,, 1363, user1, Password1, TCPIP, C:D Windows, Alice, 123-4567,
Office 123
CD.ZOS, 123.456.789.1,8851,USERIDA,PASSWORDA, TCPIP, C:D z/OS, Bobby, , Office 234
TEST.HPNS, 123.456.789.2,9121,USER.IDB,PASSWORDB, TCPIP, C:D HP NonStop, Chris,
345-6789, Office 345
unix.testserver, testserver,4000, useridc, PasswordC, , C:D UNIX 
prodserver4000, prodserver,3422,userida,passworda, , C:D UNIX
// testserver104000,123.456.789.3,3422,userida,passworda, , C:D UNIX, Georgia
testserver104000, 123.456.789.4,3422,userida,passworda, , C:D UNIX, Georgia
testsol104000, 123.456.789.5,3422,useridb,passwordb, , C:D UNIX
prodrhel504000, 123.456.789.6,3422,useridc,passwordc, , C:D UNIX