How can I know when a Process completes?

You can trigger a rule when a Process completes by setting the event type of that rule to Process Ended.

For a rule to trigger when a Process completes on a managed server, set the event type of the rule to Process Ended. Processes include an Sterling B2B Integrator business process or a Sterling Connect:Direct® Process. Processes can also include, for example, a batch added by a remote user to a Sterling Connect:Enterprise® mailbox. No other rule attributes must set. However, to limit the times when this rule would fire, you can set more values such as an individual server or server group, a Process Name, or a submitter.

The following example illustrates this type of rule setup.

To know when the Process ISITDONE completes on any server in the Server Group that is known as My Group, specify the following criteria as parameters when you create the rule:
Key Operator Value
Event Type Matches Process Ended
Servers and Server Groups Matches ()(MyGroup)
Process Name Matches ISITDONE

This rule activates only when Processes named ISITDONE completes on servers in MyGroup.