How can I know when a copy completes?

For a rule to trigger when a file transfer completes on a managed server, specify an event type of Process Step Ended.

File transfers are accomplished by using what IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor interprets as Process steps. This category includes transfers that involve Sterling B2B Integrator servers that do not include a business process. For a rule to trigger when a Process step completes on a managed server, set the event type to Process Step Ended. The following are examples of Process steps on managed servers:
  • A Sterling B2B Integrator Business Process Activity
  • A transfer that is handled by a Sterling B2B Integrator adapter such as the CDServerAdapter
  • A Sterling Connect:Direct® Process Step
  • A batch added by a remote user to a Sterling Connect:Enterprise® mailbox

You do not need to set other rule attributes. However, to limit the times when this rule activates, set attributes such as server groups, servers, and schedules. You can also set parameters like Destination File, Source File, Process Name, or Step Name.

Fast path: For managed Sterling Connect:Enterprise servers, the following values apply:
  • Key parameter Submitter equates to the senders Mailbox ID
  • The Process Name equates to Batch ID
  • Remote Node equates to the recipients Mailbox ID
For example, to limit the triggering of your rule to when a file is added to the mailbox named Fred, specify the following values:
  • Key = Remote Node
  • Operator = Matches
  • Value = Fred

For a Sterling B2B Integrator example: To know when the activity named WaitService in the Sterling B2B Integrator business process ISITDONE completes on the managed server that is named phoenix-gis 43, specify the following parameters when you create the rule:
Key Operator Value
Process Name Matches ISITDONE
Step Name Matches WaitService
Event Type Matches Process Step Ended
Server ID Matches phoenix-gis 43

This rule fires only when the Activity named WaitService completes in a business process that is named ISITDONE on the Sterling B2B Integrator server named phoenix-gis 43.