Troubleshooting SLCs

SLCs can fail to work as expected for many reasons.

In this instance, “working” SLCs are defined as generating appropriate SLC events at the times determined by the SLC criteria, the schedule or schedules associated with the SLC.

These troubleshooting examples discuss SLC events that were not generated as expected and why. An SLC Debug Report is also available to assist you in troubleshooting SLC issues. Some reasons that SLC events fail to be generated include the following:

The SLC Debug Report is useful for troubleshooting an SLC. It includes the following information:
  • SLC definition
  • Definition of schedules that are referenced by the SLC
  • Related SLC events that are produced for the SLC
  • Definition of rules that are triggered by the SLC events
  • Definition of actions that are taken by triggered rules
  • Email system settings for the event processor
IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor > All SLCs > Click the Overflow menu icon on the right side of a particular SLC and choose SLC Debug Report. Fill in the Start Date, End Date, Server ID, Process Name, Process ID; Run the Report which will display in the browser, it will also create SLCDebugReport.html in the log directory.
  • SLC events are not generated by an SLC if it is not enabled.
  • SLC events are not generated if Process type events (Process Started, Process Ended, Process Step Started, and Process Step Ended) do not match the SLC parameters specified.
  • Back-level versions of managed servers, that is, managed servers not on current maintenance, may not generate statistics records, or may generate statistics records without the needed information, for the events constructed by IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor to have the information needed to match the SLC parameters specified.